Photo by Jeff Spencer
SING LOUD, BOYS—Members of the WHS choir including (front, L-R) sophomore Keaton Parrish; junior Eyan Allen; seniors Carter Munce and Dax Johnson; freshman Connor Vuong; (Row 2) senior James Slattery, sophomore Jake Larsen; freshman Tyler Masching; juniors Kaden Roach, Liam McKay and Riley Salzman; seniors Milton Padilla and Adam Greenfield; sophomores Isaiah Henderson, Kirby Kennedy and Isai Rivera; (Row 3) junior Ty Kulm; freshman Nathan Doll; sophomores Austin Nowka and Shawn Stanek; freshmen Isaac Corado, Darwin Reyes, Riley Stroh, Spencer Peterson, Ryan Bartel, Pierce Ouimet, Sam Jensen and senior Noah Schlekeway attended the UNL Men’s Chorus Festival Oct. 2.

Warrior students travel to Men’s Chorus Festival
Group joins 500 voice choir for finale at UNL

By Caitlyn Wolfgang

Thirty members from the WHS choir participated in the University of Nebraska (UNL) Men’s Choir Festival Oct. 2 in Lincoln, Neb.

The Warrior boys learned three pieces of music for the choir festival and performed the pieces during an evening concert at the Kimball Recital Hall on the campus of UNL. In total, there were approximately 500 high school boys from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota that attended the event on Oct. 2. 

The evening closed with a combined piece with all 500 festival choir members plus the University of Nebraska Varsity Men’s Choir, the Southwood Lutheran Men’s Choir and the Lincoln Boy’s Choir.

Sophomore Kirby Kennedy said it was a very thrilling experience to be a part of. 

“It continues a tradition that has been passed on throughout the years,” Kennedy said. “Even though the bus ride to the festival was really long, it was fun because we got to hang out with our friends. It was nice meeting new people from different states at the event.”


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