Photo by Britt Samson
SILENT NIGHT—Senior Elmira Domanskaya poses in front of her mural of Holy Spirit Chapel in Nürnberg, Bavaria, in the German III classroom before the recent winter break.

Senior paints mural in German classroom
Elmira Domanskaya spends 17 hours on temporary work

By Sidney Kennedy and Madelyn Moravec

In the spirit of Christmas in Germany, Elmira Domanskaya, a student in Britt Samson’s German III class, recently painted a temporary mural of a beautiful church in Nürnberg, Bavaria, in Samson’s classroom, A-155. 

Nürnberg is the location of a world-famous German Christmas market held each year, and the mural helped to enhance the unit students completed before winter break in German classes. 

The original objective was simply for Domanskaya to help decorate the classroom before the holidays.

“It was the Christmas market, and my art is based off a place  called the Holy Spirit Chapel in Nürnberg, Germany, and it is one of the biggest Christmas festivals there,” Domanskaya said. 

The mural took the senior roughly 17 hours to complete. 
Samson said she was impressed with Domanskaya’s work.

“She came in before school, gave up open lunches, and came in after school many days to complete the painting,” Samson said. “Many of my students and other teachers have commented on how beautiful it is.” 

Domanskaya said she felt inspired by her teacher’s love for the chapel. 

“I was inspired to make it because she (Samson) loves the city,  and she gave me the idea to do the chapel because she always wanted to go there,” she said. 

Domanskaya said she loves art and painting.

“I love spending my time creating art,” she said. “It is something I enjoy and can easily get lost in.” 

Aside from art, Domanskaya said she loves being in her German III class.
“Exploring the language and culture is something I really enjoy,” she said. “Plus, playing fun games like mafia.” 

Next year Domanskaya plans to attend art school or minor in art at Black Hills State University. 


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