Photo by Rachel Boer
JUGGLE—Junior Lucas Kroehnert, an exchange student from Germany, has fun at the apple orchard recently.

Exchange student enjoys his time in America
Junior Lucas Kroehnert visiting from Germany

By Madelyn Moravec

If WHS feels a little more European this year, there’s a good reason—one junior has traveled from Germany to experience the American lifestyle. 

Junior Lucas Kroehnert has been in America and at WHS for about six weeks, and he will be staying with a local family until July of 2018 and says he has been enjoying everything American. 

“America is one of the greatest places ever, and I love all the people I have met here,”Kroehnert said. “The students and teachers are all so nice and caring here at WHS. I have already met so many new people that I now can call my close friends!” 

Kroehnert said he loves spending time with all his new friends he has met in school, and he enjoys going to school activities, especially football games. 

“I came to America because I have always heard so many great things about it and I wanted to see if it lived up to the expectations, and it has,” he said. 

Kroehnert said being here has been a great opportunity to learn the English language, because that is very important to him. 

Kroehnert said it has been an adjustment for him. 

“One of the biggest differences living here is seeing kids my age drive,” Kroehnert said. “In Germany, you have to be 18 years old and they are a lot more strict with it.” 

Overall, Kroehnert is happy he came to America. 

“So far it has been the best experience,” Kroehnert said. “I am so happy I made the choice to come here!”


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